The Bad Boy from XORUS is a revolution when it comes to surface lures, as it sinks…backwards!

Its swimming action is simply caused by the speed at which one turns the lure in:
– Rod tip high: it swims on the surface
– Rod tip halfway: close to the surface
– Rod tip low: slowly under the surface

If you want it to sink then just stop winding and it will sink very quickly, then just start winding again and it quickly comes back up to the surface.

The fact that it sinks backwards is amazing and a true ‘killer’ for bass. It’s extremely effective if you have followers, just ‘Pause’ the Bad Boy for  a few seconds and see what happens.

Because it weighs 39g you will need a slightly stronger rod for this lure. It really throws like a rocket and reaches distances you never thought possible.  You can equip it yourself with your favorite treble hook (not included, available separately).

He is also really super to use in the surf!!!  


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Length 110mm
Weight 36.7g
Type Sinking (Fixed Weight)
Hook not included

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Black Mullet, Ghost Sayori, Holo Bait, Nacre, Bait Fish, Silver White, Silver Yellow