Spanish Lures Jig IMAN

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The Jig IMAN by Spanish Lures is a streamlined and flattened Jig. In the lower part is the largest part of the weight, making incredible large distances possible.

Ideal for making sets from the coast or boat. His fall is spectacular, which is very effective in vertical fishing from the boat or kayak.

If you use it from shore, then it has a great action, which can’t be resisted when the sea bass is nearby.

The IMAN has 3D eyes and his body is covered with a protective resin that will prolong its original appearance. Furthermore, it is equipped with the famous Mustad KAIJU, which is accompanied by a white feather.

The tip of the hook is tilted slightly inwards with the intention to provide more safety in the battle with the predatory fish.

These hooks are 30% stronger than those of their peers and the special treatment for salt water makes it almost impossible to oxidize. Really a nice addition for everyone’s tacklebox.

(blister of 1 piece)

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Aurora Shad, Chartreuse, Flash Pink, Mackerel


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