Slug-Go Lunker City

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This is the lure that started a revolution and a new category in fishing lures.

The Slug-Go from Lunker City is the Original lure that created a generation known as Soft Stick baits. By having a slender profile and erratic darting action this lure broke the boundaries and was the first to expose the effectiveness of having action that was imparted to be random in movement and not repetitive as all other lures before its time. 

The Slug-Go from Lunker City was originally developed to be a Bass lure but soon anglers around the world found the effectiveness of this design to catch all gamefish both fresh and salt. 

From the smallest 3″ version to the 12″ large model there is a size to adapt to your angling.

(blister of 10 pieces)

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Length 11.5cm / 15cm
4.5in / 6in
Weight 6g / 10g
0.21oz / 0.35oz
Pack 10x / 10x
Wide Gap Hook #4/0  #5/0
Jighead #3/0  #4/0


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4.0”, 4.5”, 6.0”


Alewife, Black Ice, Ice Shad, Purple Majesty, Smelt, Albino Shad, Arkansas Shiner, Ayu, Blue Back Herring, Bubblegum, Bubblegum Shad, Lime Chartreuse