Megabass Zonk 120SW



The Megabass Zonk 120SW is a sinking, mid-water diving, minnow, fishing lure that is designed for shore-based surf anglers targeting sea bass.

To get the lure past the surf and into the gullies, Megabass have incorporated a ‘movable tungsten weight transfer system’, that shifts its ballast to its rear to give the Zonk 120SW its superb casting distance without tumble.

As the lure hits the water, the ‘tungsten weight transfer system’ rolls forward to begin the Zonk 120 SW’s dive towards the seabed.

It has a carbon beak that emits a vibration that you can feel right up through your rod, especially if you use braid.

The Zonk 120SW also has a hole through the top that creates a displacement of water that predatory fish can see (according to Japanese experts!!)

The lure is worked best on a steady retrieve to produce the side-to-side rolling action as intended from its design. when you stop winding it levels off and then sinks backwards slowly, therefore if you have fish following but not taking just stop winding and drop the rod tip for a few seconds!

In combination, these features have made the Megabass Zonk 120SW, a highly effective lure that has gained renown amongst sea bass anglers.


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Length 120mm
Weight 20g
Type Sinking (Moving Weight)
Hook #6
Range 1.0~2.0m

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