Megabass Vision 95 Q-GO Suspending



The Megabass Vision 95 Q-GO Suspending is a narrow profiled suspending jerk bait minnow lure that is designed for sub-surface action.

The lure comes with a short rounded bib, that will make the lure dive to no more than 1 meter in depth.

TheVision 95 Q-GO Suspending is equipped with a fix balancer system ‘dual-tungsten Fix Balancer System (PAT.)’ Instead of a moving, round balancer, the one in the Q-GO is shaped and fixed at the lowest point along the body. The result is an astounding new type of rolling action.

The Vision 95, however, comes into its element as a jerk bait, on a ‘twitch-pause-twitch’ retrieve pattern, where the lure will dart, and then pause in suspended motion, which more often than not, proves irresistible for a fish to take a strike at it. A real ‘killer’ for perch, zander and bass.

The Q-GO is at home with any retrieval speed. Slow or fast, the Megabass Vision 95 Q-GO Suspending will get you the responses you have been waiting for!


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Length 95mm
Weight 10.63g
Type Suspending (Fixed Weight)
Hook #6
Range Max ~1m
Max ~3ft

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GG Cruising Blue, GG Iwashi, Ghost Lancon, PM Hot Shad, Takumi Seochi Ayu