Megabass Marine Gang Cookai 90S



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The Marine Gang Cookai 90S from Megabass is a sinking minnow equipped with the ‘LBO II transmission weight system’ that is essential for achieving exceptional casting distances in extreme conditions. As soon as the lure hits the water, the balance system is directed to the action position, making it effective from the first centimetres of reeling in. It is extremely stable and can handle high return speeds, even in strong currents and choppy waves.

The Marine Gang Cookai 90S has a slim profiled, roundish, 90 mm, 21 gram, sinking crankbait. Equipped with a short, narrow 13 mm bib, at an angle of about ’45 degrees’ to the horizontal position, the lure dives between 1 and 2 metres, depending on the speed of recovery.

Combined with the lure’s shape and profile, the Marine Gang Cookai 90S produces a tight head wobble and an accentuated body roll, allowing it to reflect maximum light from its flanks during retrieval.

However, what makes this crankbait so unique is the ‘LBO II transmission weight system’, this is the successor to the earlier ‘LBO transmission weight system’ which was already a first among all other manufacturers. It consists of a cylindrical tungsten weight transfer system which this time is mounted IN instead of ON a circular shaft that runs on a cushion of ball bearings housed in the weight transfer system, to produce ZERO resistance in the movement of the weight transfer system.

This translates into superior casting distance, as it allows the most efficient transfer of weight from the middle part of the lure to the rear on every cast.

Furthermore, due to the ZERO resistance of the LBO II system, the Marine Gang will react faster than any other lure with a conventional weight transfer system to go into a diving position as soon as it hits the water. Check the video here.

The Megabass Marine Gang Cookai’s LBO II system is indeed an improvement on the state of the art, but more importantly, a must-have for both ASP and sea bass connoisseurs who need maximum casting distance to get their bait into the strike zone!!!!



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Length 90mm
Weight 21g
Type Sinking (Moving Weight)
Hook #4
Range 1~2m

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