Megabass Marine Gang 90S



It is not the biggest lure that always get the bigger fish, at times lures like the Marine Gang 90S from Megabass hit the jackpot and make our day.

In our humble opinion the whole series of these successful jerkbaits is nothing short of spectacular. The Marine Gang 90S feels no less important than its bigger brothers, it casts like them swims like them and what matters the most, catches fish.

The Marine Gang 90S sports the ‘LBO transfer weights system hence’ it flies even with front or, even worse, lateral wind. Check the video here.

A lure like this is a real bless when we need to find scattered fish, cruising rapidly in search of food. Endless sessions of cast and retrieve to cover as much water as we can, this is the Marine Gang 90S task.

The Marine Gang 90S is sinking and has rattles, an easier target among foam or rough areas.

The Megabass Marine Gang 90S is a true killer for fishing for both roofblei and sea bass !!!


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Length 90mm
Weight 11.5g
Type Sinking (Moving Weight)
Hook #4
Range 1~2m

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