DUO Tide Minnow Sprat



NEW 2024

It has been expected for a long time and now it is available. The ultimate, new standard lure, the DUO Tide Minnow Sprat 100SF has been born.

The DUO Tide Minnow series has been a top-selling product line, all over the world, since 1997 and there is hardly any sea bass angler who has not casted a Tide Minnow. The reason why these lures have been successful is because of the versatility they offer.

There are many ways in which an angler can fish sea bass today and even more so lures. The mission of the Tide Minnow Sprat lure is to provide the ultimate flexibility, when it comes to rod action, retrieving style, or speed. This is a sea bass lure that incorporates all the advantages and the technical expertise of the DUO Tide Minnow family, such as the explosive casting abilities, but can and will always respond to the action the angler dictates.

DUO’s Tide Minnow Sprat SF most important characteristic though lays in the fact that it is a ‘slow floating’ lure and its action represents exactly what triggers the predatory instincts of the sea bass.



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Length 100mm
Weight 13g
Type Slow Floating (Moving Weight)
Hook #5
Range 0.6~0.8m

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